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What to Wear Instead of Yoga Pants

It’s so easy to get stuck always wearing the same clothes day in and day out. For me, I got stuck wearing my yoga clothes. They were great when I had my kids and was a busy mom—easy to wear, easy to wash and easy to move around in. Today, even though I still go to yoga class, I’m an empty nester and staying in my yoga outfit all day, day after day, just isn’t an option anymore. Why wear the same thing when clothes can be so fun? There are so many styles that are comfortable that you don’t have to compromise comfort for style.

You might not have any idea what else to wear if you’ve worn yoga clothes year in and year out. Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve really shopped for something different that you have no idea what looks stylish, especially if you’re an older woman. I can totally relate to this.

Fear not, my friends, it’s a new world these days and the clothing options are plentiful. You won’t have to rely on only yourself anymore when it comes to what to wear. If you’re totally stumped, here are some options I found for you.

To get your started on your way, you might consider updating your wardrobe with some help from Nordstrom. Nordstrom’s business plan is all about superior personal service. They work really hard to give customers more than they ask for. In my experience, I have always been pleased, and I’ve been shopping there for decades.

When I was doing research for this article, I found out that Nordstrom offers many more ways to help us ladies with our wardrobes than I ever knew! Either you tell them what you’re looking for, or they suggest what they think you will need. They just want to do whatever works best for you.

If you want to get out of your yoga pants but have no idea what else to put on, take a look at these suggestions.

In-Home Style Session, $50

Nordstrom’s Personal Stylists will help curate looks specifically for you. Then their alterations experts will ensure you get the best possible fit (whether it's a Nordstrom item or one you already own!).

Closet Audit, $400

Nordstrom’s Personal Stylists and alterations experts will help you edit your closet in your own home. They'll help you decide which items to keep, discard or alter. And they'll reimagine pieces you already own (discovering new combinations and making adjustments to improve fit or style).

Nordstrom offers these online services for free—

Chat with one of their stylists and tell them what you need and they’ll shop for you.

Another free option is to browse through Nordstrom’s “Looks” and get inspired with new outfit ideas for any occasion with similar pieces you might already own. It’s nice to get ideas on how to put your wardrobe together in new ways and this is one way to do that.

If you want to go into a store instead of doing this online, Nordstrom offers free styling in store, too. I used this service once when I had an event to attend. It was so easy. I phoned the store and requested a stylist. They asked a few questions about my sizing and the event I was going to. Later that day, when I showed up in the store, in a luxurious dressing room were four outfits nicely displayed, all with matching shoes. The stylist had pulled items from different sections of the whole store to come up with these four original outfits. I ended up buying a few pieces and felt like new. It saved me so much time. They whole experience was just brilliant and I highly recommend using their service. There is no obligation and you get new ideas about clothes you’d never choose for yourself. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

There’s another choice from Nordstrom and that is to join their Trunk Club. For a monthly styling fee of $25 (which gets credited to your purchase) you have the option to schedule how often you want to receive your trunk and you approve all trunks before they ship. What’s unique is they offer you free alterations for trunk items at any Nordstrom store and you earn rewards. This is both an online service or in store service. You get your personal stylist to select apparel and accessories all based on your preferences. They offer this service for men, as well.

Outstanding service from knowledgeable, friendly and experienced stylists, all waiting to help you. They make it easy to find a new style you’ve been looking for. This link will lead you to all of the choices.

These next two shopping options are really great if you have an idea of the styles you like and feel confident in selecting your wardrobe on your own. ships clothes to your door either every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or every 3 months. You choose the frequency of the delivery, the price range of clothing you want and you pay a $25 fee for the stylist which gets credited if you buy any of the items they ship to you. What you don’t like you ship back. I tried this company and found it to be hit and miss too often so I canceled. Maybe if I have joined the highest quality membership it would have been better for me. A lot of women really like this company, fyi. This service is good if you already have an idea of what you want to wear, yet they offer stylists who give you suggestions. They let you rent designer clothes for a monthly fee. You keep them as long as you want and wear them as much as you want, and, you can even buy them at a discount if you really like them.

Rent The Runway is the company I’m using now. I love the selection and quality. They have stylists ready to help you with sizing, recommendations or making sure that you get the right item in time. They will even over-night something to you if need be. That service, right there, was a life saver for me. Earlier this year, I was going to a fund raiser where I was one of the highlighted celebrities and I had a time crunch. I called them up, spoke to a stylist and explained to her that I didn’t know which size would be best to order from a particular designer and time was of the essence. She expedited two different sizes to me of the same style and only charged me for one. It worked out perfectly and I became an even more loyal customer because of this personal service.

Another reason I like is because I’m reusing clothes and not consuming clothes. But that's a topic for another article.

I hope this helped you to get out of your tried and true yoga pants. Don’t stop practicing yoga, just stop always wearing your yoga pants all day. There are just too many wonderful and easy options out for you try!

I know there are other membership clothing companies, I just haven’t used them myself to have first hand experience. If you know of any other companies that you’ve tried or even know about, leave a comment below so everyone can benefit. Thanks!

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