"My hope is that what you read here will give you a new vision that aging is not scary.

My desire is to uplift you. My passion is to help you.

My wish for you is to know your own beauty and to know that beauty always begins on the inside.

Let me help you cultivate your unique beauty."


In my twenties, I moved to New York and modeled

full-time. During the 1980’s I lived in Europe and was

a jet-setter traveling the world on modeling assignments.

I appeared on many magazine covers, including French Vogue, walked the runways in Haute Couture and

Pret-a-Porter fashion shows acted in award-winning TV commercials and a feature film in France. 

I married a German fashion photographer and learned about being on the other side of the camera and for years we produced many fashion shoots together.

In the 1990’s I came back to the United States to raise my son and my daughter so I was a full-time mom. During that time I became an accomplished pastel portrait artist and my art appeared in many exhibits and I received commissions from clients. To strengthen and nourish my spiritual side, I earned my BA and my Masters in Parapsychic Science which teaches how religion, philosophy, and science affect mankind. 

As a model, I was, and am, constantly exposed to what defines the external beauty of a woman, according to the fashion industry. When I combined that knowledge with all the understanding I gained through my studying about the internal spring-well of beauty that exists within all of us, it led me to open a coaching business that focused on a holistic approach to beauty. My business ran successfully for ten years. I taught self-empowerment and self-confidence through modeling to teenage girls and mature women and I emphasized that beauty begins on the inside.


With the explosion of social media, my photos are viewed around the world like never before. As a grey-haired model and a supporter of a natural and holistic lifestyle, women ask me a lot of questions about my thoughts on aging. 

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