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Adapting To Change During These Changing Times

We need to take one day at a time to understand what it is that we're feeling because there are a lot of emotions that are coming up to the surface. This virus is affecting our habits. It’s making us reconsider some of our lifestyles, how we spend our time and what is important to us.

In a way, our lifestyle is being reinvented as we move forward. We start to question how it is that we are acting and living our lives and spending our time. A need to look deep inside ourselves and really listen to what it is that we need individually, helps to mediate the craziness that our mind can lead us towards.

We become then, in charge of our own lives and in turn, affect the future for everyone. It’s a more authentic future we are creating because we our actions are stemming from something that is deep within us. We are becoming more true to ourselves and this is reflected in what we choose to buy, where we choose to go and who we choose to be with. Ultimately, it can be an exciting time because we become more fluid. Things are not pre-destined or predetermined. This becomes new day holding limitless possibilities, as long as we are open to it and accepting of it.

Being able to adapt to changes, adapting to what another day presents to us, is really important to look at, at the moment. When we pause and look only at the moment, the one we have right now, right this minute, it’s not as overwhelming as when we start to think of what is happening as an overall arch.

If we allow ourselves to understand that where we are now, we can handle this, this is comprehensible, this is something that is manageable and not so overwhelming for our nervous system, then it won’t stress us.

Only when we start to stack thoughts upon thoughts about the what ifs and worrying if life will ever go back to what it was, and not knowing what’s coming, etc., do we become a little more weak and overwhelmed. Our world becomes too shaky and a little bit scary.

Allowing ourselves to relax into the moment, breathe and feel that this exact moment is something that we have control over, it will help us to move forward in these strange and stressful times.

If we realize that in this exact moment that we are okay and we can handle life—in this exact moment—then we be excited by the unlimited possibilities that are lying dormant and ready to be exposed.

Every day has new possibilities. Know you're going to be okay and I hope that this helps you feel a little bit more balanced and secure during these these very strange unprecedented times that we're living in.

Please comment let me know what you think. If you'd like to watch the video please click here.

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