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Are Your Thoughts Causing You Pain?

In the last few weeks I’ve been feeling quite a lot and have needed time to understand what it was I was feeling. I would guess that you’ve been feeling a lot, too. I was actually absorbing a lot of energies lately and they were accumulating in my back, making it ache.

When I was younger pain always went to my neck, but now it’s goes to my back and it was rather debilitating. I tried exercise and yoga to help release the pain yet the thing that worked for me was important enough to want to share it with you. Perhaps you’re also feeling a lot of stuck energies in your body. Maybe it’s showing up as pain or as draining your energy or making you feel confused. The few steps I took really helped alleviate a lot of pain and maybe it can help you, too.

What I did was to change my perspective and not authenticate everything I was feeling as the ‘be all’. We can hold on to beliefs so deeply and tightly that the energy gets clogged and show up in our body in painful ways. I quickly decided I needed to write down whatever came to mind about what it was I was fearing and afraid of happening. I wrote it all down on paper, no matter how trite or trivial. It didn’t take very long to do. It was a moment in time worthy of my focus because it helped to take my fears and beliefs I was holding on to and dumping them onto the paper. It just siphoned it out of my mind. A lightness came over me and it’s inexplicable how it works, at least to me. I don’t know how to really describe the mystery of shifting energy by doing a step like that, but it helped release the grip of all of my fear-based beliefs I thought were so important.

After I had wrote down all my fears on the piece of paper, I ripped it up to symbolically represent that they held no more importance and no more power over me. They were gone once and for all. On a new piece of paper I wrote down what I was grateful for, even the small things and that made me feel much better. It was another way to help me feel empowered, confident, happy and grateful.

The third step I took was to turn my mind’s eye into the exact spot on my body that was holding the pain. I would repeat, “I’m letting this go. I’m letting this go. I’m letting this go” while keeping my focus on the the exact spot of my pain. My breathing started to get even paced which is very meditative, and very relaxing for all the muscles and the nervous system.

The next day, the back pain was gone! I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. But it's so easy to get caught up on what we hear on the news, or other people’s opinions, or charged conversations. We have to remember they are not always that important to hold onto. There are a lot of energies that are around us and it would be smart to digest them on a daily basis.

With so much changing and so much going on in our world, if we can ride the wave through this tumultuous time, we have a better chance of not getting pulled under and becoming smothered. Riding the wave is letting go of the certainty that all beliefs are important and that we have to hold onto each and every one of them, even when they are causing us fear.

Letting go of your beliefs that cause you fear would be a wise thing to do because there’s always going to be a new belief that will come along. It’s like a never-ending stream. Remember, we are so much more than our thoughts.

I really hope that you’re also able to ride this tumultuous year of 2020 on the crest of the wave.

What tips can you share about helping yourself—mind and body—to feel better during these times?

Many blessings.

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