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enew yourself this spring with gentle yet instructive yoga, healing sound therapy, art therapy, a full moon ceremony and a silent guided walking mediation, plus so much more!
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The location of this retreat will be held at The Running Y Resort which is located in the a Blue Zone at the foot of the Cascade Mountain Range in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Picturesque beauty and stunning natural wonders surround this 3,600 pristine acre retreat.

This 4 day retreat for women offers: 
Yoga Classes: Holistic Yoga every morning and Kundalini yoga every afternoon for beginner and intermediate levels
Crystal singing bowl sound therapy
Full moon ceremony
Talking circle
Art therapy session
Free gifts
Optional private sessions with Roxanne for Life Coaching, and with Pam for Reiki and/or Sound Healing.
Resort offers special amenities such as:
Walking trails in pristine forest and lakeside
Horseback riding (additional cost)
Full spa resort treatments (additional cost)
Arnold Palmer signature golf course
Warm indoor swimming pool
Fully equipped sport fitness center



For women needing to find calm again and return to a sense of health and balance in their life. 


Benefits from this retreat:


Become mentally focused, and find clarity and vision for your life

Feel renewed and energized from the healing energies of nature

Restore your inner balance from daily exercise

Gain mental clarity from daily meditation

Express yourself in new found ways

Become transformed from deep insights that arise

Connect with like-minded people


What’s included:

Healing Singing Bowl Therapy

Daily yoga classes 

Art Therapy Session

Talking Circle


Wifi connection

Nature Trails

Sport Fitness Center


Warm Indoor Swimming Pool

Free Gift Bag

Resort Discounts 


What makes this retreat special:

The exquisite natural setting for this retreat is located in one of the twelve energetic vortexes of the world. Klamath Falls, Oregon, is located on the Root Chakra of Mother Earth. Energies are amplified here and help you connect with your inner strength and sense of stability. Blue Zone resort offers unparalleled natural beauty, healthy food and peace and tranquility.  Experiencing restorative modalities set in this unique location will bring a sense of harmony, restoration and rejuvenation that nourishes body, mind and spirit.

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After 25+ years in the fast lane with high tech, Pam sought out yogic ways to reset a frazzled nervous system. During her yoga journey, she studied on the central California coast, and travelled throughout the US, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Pam fell in love with the healing properties of sound and established a high quality collection of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal alchemy singing bowls plus Koshi element chimes to share these healing sounds with us. 

Pam has a masters in business and industrial psychology. She is certified with YTT200 and YTT & Reiki 2018, 2019, and Sound healing training in 2019-2020.

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Devi Seetal (Lisa Chancellor) is a mixed media artist from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Her work ranges from large abstract paintings to collaged portraiture, to heart collages made with various papers, all embellished with fabrics, ribbon, and gold leaf. She draws inspiration from art nouveau, tarot and metaphysics. Each work is a representation of the energetic workings behind physical manifestation. 


Devi Seetal’s other passions include kundalini yoga, which she recently began teaching, and teaching kids and adults alike to create art by tapping into their own unique creative voices. She has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and was drawn into the lineage and teachings of Kundalini Yoga in 2019. Since then, she has adopted a daily practice and completed a summer immersion kundalini retreat with Manpreet Kaur, and done several trainings with Ra Ma Institute for applied yogic science and technology, including “Beginning Kundalini with Mandev,” “Kundalini Training: Teaching Fundamentals,“ “Becoming a Healer,” and “Vocal Lab with Gurujas.”


She currently lives in Klamath Falls with her husband and two sons by a park where they like to go mountain biking. She uses her spiritual name Devi Seetal, meaning one who embodies her profound peace by connecting to her divine/angelic self, when teaching and creating art. 


Sharing yoga is a passion of Roxanne's since childhood. Gathering like-minded women together to learn and grow is something she is deeply passionate about. Roxanne has been practicing yoga since the early 1980s, with over 14,000 hours of personal practice on her mat.

In 2022 she became certified as a Chopra Total Well-being Coach, a two year program which includes certifications as a Chopra Meditation Instructor and a Chopra Health Instructor. She is certified with YTT200. She holds weekly yoga classes in town and also is a private yoga instructor to individual clients. 


If you feel that it’s finally time to improve your emotional, mental and spiritual health, please complete the form below the best you will be contacted within 48 hours to set up an introductory 15 minute meet-and-greet call.

Thanks for submitting! Roxanne will contact you within 48 hours.

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