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4 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Silver Hair

Ever wondered which shampoo and conditioner is best for silver, grey, platinum and blond hair? I've tried these. It's amazing what a good product will do for your hair! Deep conditioners and hair masks are good for your hair, too, but that's for another post!

Clean ingredients have always been important to me. The items below are incredible because they effectively eliminate brassy tones. They have ingredients that people with sensitive skin can use, brightens silver hair, help to even out hair color, are fortifying and all without the top known allergens.

Because the print on the bottles can be small, making it hard in the shower to differentiate between the shampoo and the conditioner bottles, put the shampoos on the upper shelf of your shower caddy and conditioner on the bottom shelf. That way you know which is which. If you don't have a shower caddy, then place the shampoo in one particular place in the shower and the conditioner always in another. Hopefully, that will help those of you who can't read the labels in the shower, like me!

Four Reasons Shampoo and Toner Bottles

Four Reasons Toning Shampoo and Toning Treatment lightens and brightens really well! This product has many different tones to choose from to give you the just the right color you want. It's vegan and really refreshes your color and brightens the tone. It made my white hair even whiter! The color is semi-permanent. It uses plant based proteins.