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4 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Silver Hair

Ever wondered which shampoo and conditioner is best for silver, grey, platinum and blond hair? I've tried these. It's amazing what a good product will do for your hair! Deep conditioners and hair masks are good for your hair, too, but that's for another post!

Clean ingredients have always been important to me. The items below are incredible because they effectively eliminate brassy tones. They have ingredients that people with sensitive skin can use, brightens silver hair, help to even out hair color, are fortifying and all without the top known allergens.

Because the print on the bottles can be small, making it hard in the shower to differentiate between the shampoo and the conditioner bottles, put the shampoos on the upper shelf of your shower caddy and conditioner on the bottom shelf. That way you know which is which. If you don't have a shower caddy, then place the shampoo in one particular place in the shower and the conditioner always in another. Hopefully, that will help those of you who can't read the labels in the shower, like me!

Four Reasons Shampoo and Toner Bottles

Four Reasons Toning Shampoo and Toning Treatment lightens and brightens really well! This product has many different tones to choose from to give you the just the right color you want. It's vegan and really refreshes your color and brightens the tone. It made my white hair even whiter! The color is semi-permanent. It uses plant based proteins.

Authentic Beauty Concept Bottle

Did you know you can over use a purple shampoo? You'll know when you are using too much because your hair will start to get a purple hue. If you don't want that to happen, alternate between using your purple shampoo and your regular shampoo. Everything from Authentic Beauty Concept line is fabulous and I recommend it. For all types and all colors. Nice for daily use. Pure, clean products.

Redken Color Extend Graydiant Bottle

A trusted and much loved brand in shampoos and conditioners. Redken Color Extend Graydiant Silver Shampoo and Conditioner protects, neutralizes and tone corrects really well as a shampoo and conditioner set! I love the gentleness of this product.

Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Shampoo Tube

We all know grey hair needs more moisture. Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Shampoo will correct brassy tones while nourishing your hair. Repairs even damaged hair. The violet pigments will enhance the dimensions of your hair.

By regularly using a purple shampoo at home, you can counteract brassy yellow tones so your hair looks fresh again, even if your hair is brunette with highlights which can turn brassy, too. The key is choosing the right purple shampoo. If you’ve ever dabbled in blonde hair dye, you know that the blonde hair can also quickly start to turn and within a few weeks, yellow tones can ruin the golden hue. It’s not just blonde hair that can turn brassy and yellow. White, gray, and silver hair can oxidize and change color, too.

Thankfully, brassy tones can be handled right in your own home saving you time and money!

No matter the length of your hair, it always needs upkeep. Personally, I love having long hair but deciding to go grey wasn't easy because I thought it would end my career as a model. Little did I know it would catapult my career into a whole new direction. I learned that everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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