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Time Saving Tips

Have you spent a good part of your life in the kitchen preparing meals? Here's one easy way that will save you time preparing and cooking meals and you won't have to cut corners on making a delicious and healthy meal.

So here is the time saving tip--cook a large pot of brown rice and use it to create different rice bowl meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Super easy! For example, you can make a breakfast rice bowl by warming up the rice with some added blueberries and with an alternative milk such as almond or oat milk. Top it with off about a tablespoon of maple syrup, and if you like, cinnamon and maybe a few almond slivers.

The warmth in the stomach in the morning is soothing and feels so nourishing, too. Oolong tea with a little honey is a nice drink to have with it. You'll feel so satisfied and ready to go for the day!

Lunchtime comes around so fast! Usually wait a

minimum of four hours after breakfast to eat lunch.

Again, it's super easy to put together. Heat up the rice

then add ripe avocado, some tamari and pepper and

you're done! Avos give you good fat and rice gives you protein.

Did you know brown rice gives you about 5 grams of protein for every cup you eat?

If you have sauerkraut try adding about one tablespoon to give you those important digestive probiotics to help you build a healthy gut. Add other ingredients, too, depending on what you have. Now you've created a super nutritious and easy lunch without a lot of time spent in the kitchen.

For dinner, you could sauté the rice with greens, such as kale, spinach and/or broccoli in olive oil or coconut oil or ghee, add chickpeas and mix in spices. It's so delicious! It's really fast and easy. When preparing rice bowls, you get to be creative and add whatever you feel like eating. Have each member of your family add their own spices and condiments exactly to their liking and that will help transform any simple rice bowl into a festive, exciting and tantalizing meal for everybody!

Eating is very personal. Some people don't eat breakfast. Some people like to make their lunch the biggest meal of the day. One thing for sure, we all need to eat. Use your best judgment and eat when you are hungry. Don't eat too late or too close to bedtime. Eat regularly, eat well, eat simply and eat for health.

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