My career began with a lot of sacrifice and perseverance with

a seemingly neverending series of auditions. It didn’t take long for all that hard work to pay off, and I found myself featured in a variety of ad campaigns, runway shows,

and magazine photoshoots. 

Learn more about my career, my ambition, and all of my wisdom from

many years in front of the camera.



‘Women Rockin’ It Series’ with Renee Preis


‘Positively Beautiful’ with Dr. Susan Mathison


‘Clarissa Burt Live TV’ with Clarissa Burt


‘Supercoaching’ with Celestyna Osiak



Google Hobby Talk, Boulder Headquarters, Colorado

    “Our Image --- Why Should We Care?”


Living Beautifully Women’s Empowerment Event at Marriott Hotel, Denver, Colorado

    “How To Radiate Your Own Beauty”


Hip Boutique Luncheon, Boulder, Colorado

    “5 Ways To Eat And Look 10 Pounds Lighter”

"Rookie To Rockstar" Guest Speaker at Tobi Hunt Events, Boulder, Colorado


"How Your Wardrobe Can Uplift Your Life" a Rags to Riches Event, Boulder, Colorado


"How To Dress To Impress Yourself" at a Start-Up Women Speech Event, Denver, Colorado

Women's Empowerment Event, Sarasota, Florida 



St. Julien Hotel, Boulder, Colorado

    "Love Yourself" Valentine’s Day Workshop

    Makeup, Hair and Dressing Makeover


"Movement, Mindset and Image Basics" for private Japanese group with a translator, Boulder, Colorado

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